07 September 2012

clearing: silencing the inner editor

I've developed a beautiful rhythm to my weeks, devoting different days to clearing, dreaming and doing. It's a lovely rhythm that I shall write more about and introduce fully when I launch athingofwonder.com in the coming months!

You've heard quite a bit about my physical clearings in my latest posts (and I'm finishing my 20 this week today, so look for that post later!). I've also set intentional time for emotional clearing as I've tackled removing these objects from my life.

One emotional clearing I'd like to share is related to developing Do The Crazy Thing . . . I am launching Do The Crazy Thing into a lifestyle brand that creates opportunities for people to live inspired lives and impact the world by loving and living their dreams. I want the world to be wonder-filled, and I believe I can help play a role in helping people tap into their thing of wonder!
But just as much as I feel boldly like I'm ready to launch this and take this giant leap, I also wrestle with the inner editor who often talks a lot of us out of doing our crazy things! So as I build this and get it launched, I want to be real with you and with myself about this pesky little voice. We all have it. And it has the potential to keep all of us stagnant and lackluster even though we were created to be much, much greater! And there's something freeing about clearing this voice out loud. It loses its power when I share it with others.

So I've written a letter and invite you to read it here: Letter to the Editor. Join me on this clearing journey. What's your editor/gremlin/nagging inner voice/whatever you call it saying? Write it a letter. And feel free to post it on the Facebook page.

May we all hear this voice clearly . . . and then tell it to just shut up.