11 August 2012

cleaning out my closets . . .

i have more stuff than i ever use. more than i ever will use.

in fact, i'm certain i have well over 1000 things in my house that i just don't need or use. at least.

some of these things are meaningful and have served a beautiful purpose in my life. so my tendency is to hold onto such things. and i'm amazing at the excuses. i may need this later, after all. or maybe one day someone will find this artifact that witnesses to the beauty of the life i've lived. or my dear friend made it for me, and i just love it so, and i'll regret not having it when she/he dies.

but the weight of holding on to things has proven burdensome.

and in a world where people have needs galore, i don't need to hold onto things i don't need.

so i set an intention today to release 20 things each week. in a year, i'll be just over a thousand things lighter. and i will post about it here because, honestly, i have habitually declared things and forgotten about them. and i would LOVE for someone to ask me why i didn't post about my 20 things one week if i somehow don't peel through this particular layer of habit.

this week:

ok. books alone, i've cleared more than 20 this week, but i couldn't stop once I got started with the books. of course, the first day is probably easiest when it comes to letting go, although i made myself include one somewhat sentimental item. so, 36 items down, 1004 to go.

welcome to my clearing journey. may we all learn to gracefully and intentionally let go.


Anonymous said...

Healthy and clean, leaving space for the necessary. I, too, am cleansing. Love you!

emily grace said...

What a great goal! I'm excited to see you move forward with this. I've enjoyed reading this blog: http://www.missminimalist.com/ for decluttering inspiration. Her book is also a great resource for helping you fight of any excuses you may come across in your own mind. I'll be interested to see what you learn in this process! Keep us posted.

Ciona said...

What a great site! Thanks, Emily!!

Anonymous said...

Ciona, you are so amazing and beautiful, it's actually absurd. Just love you.

Ciona said...

:). you're so sweet, Liv! Love you, too!

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