27 August 2012

clearing . . . 36 things!

It's my clearing day!

It's been a great one! For starters, I trashed or donated 36 things! I also found $65 worth of fido gift cards that I had somehow completely neglected for about 3-4 years . . . and they still work! This meant that after the clearing, I was able to treat myself to a deja vu salad, a cup o' chocolat chaud (with whipped topping and marshmallows) and quiet time to finally read my friend's short story. Clearing . . . it's like having another birthday!

I've also challenged myself to consider clearing something emotional as I work on the physical/spacial clearing. It seems only natural. And this addition has been so beautiful. I will unpack and write about this more at another date.

Anyway . . . in total, 94 items lighter, 946 to go!

may we all choose life-giving goodness.

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kim summers said...

i have been on a similiar path with cleaning...clearing some of the piles of 'stuff' allowed me to fully deal with some emotions that have been pent up way too long. it makes me feel lighter and is even beginning to let a tiny bit of creative light come through. wishing you wonderful moments in the next toss out!