11 August 2012

crazy things are on the way!

watch this space because crazy things are on the way . . . i'll keep you posted as they develop.


it's been a lovely journey since lululemon athletica posted my poem "do the crazy thing" on their blog.

curious about the story behind the words? check it out here.

may your day be filled with sunshine and daisies and just enough rain for a rainbow and oodles and oodles of gratitudles!




MMS said...

Can't wait! Miss you and love you.

Ciona said...

thanks for your love and support, sweet friend!

kim summers said...

looking forward to finding out!

Ciona said...

Thanks, Kim! You are so sweet and super supportive! Follow me on Twitter as we keep dreaming and putting this crazy thing together: https://twitter.com/DoTheCrazyThing! :)

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