06 May 2011

do the crazy thing

Image of the amazing Melina of Daughters of Rhea, used with her permission. Check her out: www.daughtersofrhea.com. Photo by Dav Rue for Goddess Motion

do the crazy thing
the hard-to-imagine-but-somehow-you-did thing
the brings-you-to-your-knees thing
the no-one-would-ever-do-it-that-way-thing
the safety-net-would-not-even-matter thing
the it-could-kill-you-but-not-trying-is-another-kind-of-death thing
the thing on your heart
do it
and let them gasp
right before they call it a thing of wonder


love your dreams well, friends!


Searching for the poster-style variation of my poem? Find it here at lululemon.com.


Madame Rubies said...

Love the picture.

Love the poem.

Love the message.

eepearce said...

awesome poem. :-)

Ciona said...

Thanks, ladies!

Jenean D said...

Thanks Ciona! Love the poem!

Geisa Santos said...

So beautiful.
That's it!

Ciona said...

Thanks, thanks! Please check out the latest variation of the poem here: http://www.lululemon.com/community/blog/do-the-crazy-thing/!

Ciona said...

Or visit www.thecrazything.com.