04 March 2008

Sick Days

I am guilty, I must confess, of wasting some of my time doing nothing. There are days where I sit at home, watch television and think about the deadlines I have instead of living into them. These are days that I sometimes even welcome.

So why do I feel like a loon stuck in my house since Sunday, doing nothing but sleeping, eating, drinking water, and occasionally getting enough energy to watch television on the couch or check Facebook? Being sick for the past three days is driving me crazy! I just want to do something, go somewhere, complete 10 projects! Hmmm . . . maybe my editors will be really glad that I'm sick because I'll be uber-motivated when I'm back to life (tomorrow, I hope)!


Kami Rice said...

How well I can relate!

jadedjabber said...

I was just writing about my incessant need to procrastinate. Good luck with your motivation. Pass some along this way when you find it.