26 February 2008

A Deeper Desire for Something

I cannot discern what it is yet, but something stirs within me. Something new or challenging and faithful is on my horizon. I want to be still and quiet so that I might hear what it is and follow where I'm being called.

I believe it's something in my writing. I feel a tugging to take my writing to another level, to change what I'm writing, to better focus my writing or to embark on a journey that will enhance my writing. I just can't put my finger on it. Does that happen to anyone else? You know there's a calling--a deep spiritual tugging--but you can't quite see what it is?

I'll remain patient, though I need something fresh and challenging now. I'll wait and keep discerning.

It should be an exciting year.

1 comment:

Kami Rice said...

Wanna move to England with me?! Beyond that, I understand where you're coming from.