30 November 2005

U.S. Postal Secrets

I think PostSecret.com is a fascinating web site. People are desperate for artistic expression and uninhibited confession. What can the church learn from this?

I particularly think that this postcard expresses well the U.S. fascination with celebrity. A friend of mine said just this weekend that we like to build people up and watch them fall. For some reason we enjoy falling in love with Michael Jackson, Nick & Jessica, Brad & Jen, Jen & Ben, etc., and we enjoy watching as their fairy tales end. Maybe this person's secret belongs to most of us.


Heather said...

The site fascinates me as well.

Anonymous said...

The protection behind staying anonymous is an incredibly angle.
Check out www.postalsecrets.com

BigDAS said...

PostalSecrets.Com is currently updating it's website is not available at this time. They indicate that the site will be operational soon.