21 October 2005


I had lunch today with friends at the old job (and, yes, I did wear my jeans). It was great . . . we played UNO Attack! If you thought regular UNO could become a vicious game (which, for some reason, people tend to say whenever they play with me), UNO Attack actually THROWS an unknown amount of cards at you. And no more “draw four.” This game has even more evil cards that you can toss into the mix to make people get plenty of extra cards, trade hands, reverse, etc. I love it!

I miss lunchtime games and Frisbee days at the Board of Discipleship! Well . . . kinda. Not enough to trade working at home in my pajamas, of course. But those were good days . . .


LARouse said...

You think that's rough. Try planning UNO with a group of people at Taize who play by "European Rules." I had to be "that American," but I could not make the adjust to another way and whined my way out of the game. :) I lost a love for the game that week, but I think it might be rekindled with a little UNO Attack.
Glad you had a great afternoon.

Jenny said...

The UNO Attack has to be the best of the UNO games! We played regular old UNO the other day and it just wasn't the same. I'm going to the store soon and I'll buy the batteries that will allow us to play UNO Attack again. :) I'm sorry larouse had a bad "European rules" UNO experience. You are welcome at our UNO Attack table any lunchtime. :-D