19 October 2005

My Fall

tears release
baring the secrets
of branches
once Sturdy
now chipped,

bowing to wind,
My rings and roots
bracing for weighty

hoping against Hope
for a blossom
I am bent
and broken.


Mary said...

Beautiful, Ciona. I've always admired your craft. Thank you.

Kara said...

You may be too close to see your own blossoms. You, and your words, are beautiful!

LARouse said...

Thanks for sharing Beautiful Girl! Glad you continue to bless us with your craft, teaching me how to "get it." :)

I pray that the rain continues to shower, fall upon you, nurturing your dry roots. Soak it up.

Oh, I wish you could see the tree like I do...what sight to behold.

LARouse said...

By the way . . .where is that photo from?