12 May 2005

250 Words About 250 Words

It’s blog renovation time. The new format will be 250 words about one topic. We’ll try this for a little while and see how my “ranting” goes. I hope you enjoy it!

So today’s topic is about restructure of the blog. Unfortunately, I don’t really need 250 words for this topic. So I will give some background mostly for filler space.

Between meetings, our writing group members each write 250 words about a topic chosen by one of the members. Once the topic was BOREDOM, which obviously bored me because I wrote only 45 words. Another topic was PLYWOOD. Yes . . . plywood. Albeit random, plywood inspired many deep, universal thoughts in our work. Another time our topic had to be something morbid and slightly disturbing. I did not have time to write this one before we met, and I was relieved. Who really wants to dig into the dismal inner workings of one’s psyche? When finally I tackled these 250 words, however, I wanted to write more. The character I developed in those few words stayed with me long after my typing ceased. I was terribly enthralled by her formidable situation.

So I’m bringing this writing exercise to my blog, as well. It will make some of my entries much shorter than before. And it will challenge me to say what I need to say in fewer words. We’ll see how it goes. Do not be shocked when “500 Words about 500 Words” is a future blog title.

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