25 April 2005

Any ideas?

I started the day later than usual (although in the past two weeks "later" has been usual), but I was motivated to get out of the bed and walk/jog and do crunches when my dear friend J.O. sent a fitness article via e-mail. Then I met Kara and Becky at the Frothy Monkey! I love my covenant group meetings each week anyway, but meeting at the Frothy Monkey this week made it even more enticing. So we discussed life and all of its greatness over delicious sandwiches (I had the Ned--tofu, hummus, tomato, romaine lettuce, red peppers, wonderful!). And of course, I drank my "marriage water" (a.k.a. Fiji).

We didn't really discuss the covenant this week, which is probably good since I failed miserably at several spiritual disciplines over the past seven days. I still enjoyed being with them. And we discussed financial disparity, among other things. You have celebrities moving into the beautiful brownstones of Harlem. We applaud this because it marks a revitalization of the somewhat financially depressed area. But as the property value increases as the wealthy stake their claim, what happens to the residents in the area now who can barely afford their present living space? Is this really revitalization, or is it gentrification that will force those who call Harlem home to find a new home? Then you have Washington, DC . . . our nation's capital city! Walk one block from the pristine capitol building where the leaders of our nation and all of their riches work to maintain the welfare of the United States and we will be greeted by some of our nation's poorest. We will maybe nod at them, toss a dime or a dollar and then catch the Metro at Union Station. Well, it's here in Nashville, too. It's a reality of our lives. Kara said it best with a sigh, "There's just so much to do."

Anyway, I meet with a group of writers each Sunday we're all in town (usually every other Sunday), so yesterday we met over pancakes and French toast at the Pancake Pantry (yes, food makes every meeting even more worthwhile). We decided we all have to submit some of our work to at least one publication within the next month. Tom and I primarily write poetry; Kami writes creative nonfiction/essays primarily. It should be fun. So on top of other deadlines and work, I hope to get some poems together that I'm ready to submit. Yikes! Should I use what I have already? Should I write something new? I'm leaning toward something new . . . maybe a series of three poems relating to a single topic. But what topic? Any ideas? Throw me a word, a phrase or a concept, and I'll see what inspires me. Toss a topic my way, if you'll please! Thanks, friends!

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Gwynefere said...

How did i miss this post?! I'm so not with it these days! I think you would have some beautiful words to say on the Rwandan genocide, especially since its so newly fresh in people's minds with the movie. It keeps cropping up in your blogs and our sometime discussions. I think you could really exert some passion behind those words :)