19 September 2011

a little about me

Occasionally I blog for the Devo'Zine youth worker blog "In the Habit," and they invited me to write a bio for an upcoming blog post I wrote for youth workers to explore photography and other creative faith expressions with their youngin's. So I decided to use photography in my bio and thought it might be fun to share here and reintroduce myself to all of you.

So let the fun begin, eh?!?!

My name is

Made in the image of our Creator, all of us were born to
So that’s what I live to do each day of my life. I
for a living, and writing is my heartsong. And I work at
(pronounced lulu + lemon like the fruit, by the way).

Both of my jobs push me and inspire me in more ways than I could have ever imagined.

I love dancing, reading, cupcaking and practicing

I’m a firm believer that we should
& so I do. Occasionally I bring out my camera and take photographs or find myself with a canvas and a paintbrush just to try something new.

May you all tap into the

and the
that God has planted deep within each of our hearts, and shine! That is the joy of life, and life is meant to be lived joyfully.



Madame Rubies said...

Very fun post. I may have to try it sometime. :)

Ciona said...

Oh, Heather, you should!! Please play! :)

Kat Joseph said...

I love this! So fun and creative.. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this and am throwing my fist in the air, "Why did I not think of that???" :-) You are fabulous and such an artist. Love you!

Anonymous said...

this is nice... encouraging...

Ciona said...


Rev. Dr. Luonne Abram Rouse said...

You are every description of blessing and more. Agape!

Connie said...

You are so very creative or perhpas you are just willing to allow Creation to use you to render beauty! Either way, each entry seems more inspiring than the one before! Keep writing...