22 February 2011

now i ain't sayin' she's a goalsetter . . .

I'm a dreamer.

Which means, for most of us dreamers, that I think the word goalsetting is a synonym for words like plague, allergic reaction and death. Ok . . . possibly I have a flair for the dramatic, as well, but I can wholeheartedly confirm that I certainly avoid sitting down with pen and paper to make a list of goals. It just doesn't seem right. Why not dream and follow the dreams as they come? Be present to the now, you know!

But part of loving well is to see the dreams that have been given to me (for myself and for the world) actually come to fruition. Or at least to focus enough on a few of them at a time, so that all my dreams don't become too whelming at once.

Enter a book for right-brainiacs. After a conversation with my friend where I expressed some of my frustrations with my scattered dreams, I found the book Organizing for the Creative Person and hoped I could check it out from the library. Much to my chagrin, the library didn't have it, but out of nowhere it appeared one day thanks to my dear friend . . .

And here are the fruits of chapter one:

There is no list involved in this goal-setting venture. There are no checked boxes or firm dates. It's just these colorful strips of paper holding my wild dreams, dropped into bright bags I will sit on my shelf as a daily reminder of dreams I love. I can move the papers from bag-to-bag if, for example, life alters the timeline of one of my "maybe" dreams to become a "now" dream or if I uncover more dreams behind a moonbeam that I decide to drop into "someday."

I love it! And it felt good to write all of my dreams down, see them and know they now have a home. And the best part is that the book didn't tell me exactly HOW I had to do my goalsetting. I just came up with the strips of paper and bag idea on my own. Indeed, the authors shape a helpful task that a creative person can be . . . well, creative in accomplishing.

So happy to be loving my dreams well . . . And I believe my future will be even brighter than these super cute dream bags.

love well.



MMS said...

Love it! :)

Lane said...

It probably wasn't at the library because some dreamer type checked it out and then lost track of it under the piles of unorganized papers and laundry in their house.

Blue Eyed Confusion said...

I should probably look this book up... Hmmmm.

Love you!

Ciona said...

it's a great book . . . still loving it!