11 July 2010

11:27 PM at Waffle House

wa ho treat
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My sister Lanecia took some delightful photographs at the WaHo in Waynesville, NC. It reminded me of several poems I used to write in the middle of the night on the tiny napkins at the WaHo back in college. I typed up one of them, so I revisited it today and want to share it with you here.

I heart the WaHo.

11:27 P.M. at Waffle House

the stench of oil
the sweetness of pancake batter
accompanied by solitude in my corner booth
I soak in the smells and sounds that surround
silverware scrapes and falls
upon worn plates
my spoon tings the insides of the
white cup containing a concoction
of coffee, milk and mostly sugar

the sizzles
the convulsing bacon, the eggs
save for the lone twenty-something
folding his rectangle napkin
pressing creases between his thumb and forefinger
and rubbing it around the brim of a ceramic cup
working slowly around the top to
wax away all of the stories
laughter, kisses, licks and secrets
held by any lips that ever touched it before--
rumbles in conversation
a pleasant combination of laughter, gossip,
orders and questions

I sit silently
sipping my coffee, I contemplate
who I am in this world
and how much change to leave Jean as a tip
I inhale this short-order escape
into my thoughts
soon I must push through
these doors and exit
into a story beyond these walls

columbia, sc


Anonymous said...

Thanks for pulling this one out and sharing.
I heart the Wa Ho!

fungirl-bookwoman said...

Love this! You have captured the WaHo experience!