16 February 2010

Sam Cooke: Change Gonna Come

When we moved from Myrtle Beach to Greenville, SC, in the middle of my ninth grade year, I found solace in an oldies radio station. Every night I'd listen to WOLT-FM, and there was something about these songs that made the move easier. I probably wouldn't have named why then, but maybe the simple rhythms brought me peace. Or maybe I was moved by how the lyrics spoke to life, love and happiness even decades after they were written. Or maybe it was simply because the 50s, 60s and 70s were just good years for great music.

So that year was the first year I ever purchased music by Sam Cooke, and I would listen to him all of the time--songs from his early days of Gospel to his R&B hits. I knew very little about his story, though, so I enjoyed this NPR segment sharing Cooke's story, particularly through his protest song "A Change is Gonna Come." I highly recommend listening to it.

May we never be complacent human beings. May we always believe that humanity can be greater than what we have been so far. And, even if it's a long time coming, may we hold fast to knowing a change will come.


Sam's Neph said...

To say Sam Cooke lived an interesting life would be an understatement. If you're truly a story person, his is one you'd covet. His accomplishments have long been underappreciated.

Erik Greene
Author, "Our Uncle Sam: The Sam Cooke Story From His Family's Perspective"

Ciona said...

Thanks, Erik. He has quite a story, indeed. I'm checking out your site now.


Sam's Neph said...

Thanks. When light is shed on what was happening in his personal life and business career, you get an understanding about how tragic his loss truly was. Sam was killed because, to some, he was worth more dead than alive. Damn shame indeed.