16 September 2009

Spiritual Prompting: Gandhi

Each week my Covenant Discipleship group meets and discusses acts of compassion, devotion, justice and worship, and we also talk about any spiritual promptings we feel we need to obey or spiritual warnings we feel called to heed. I love this practice for so many reasons. I especially love recognizing spiritual promptings. I want to always be open to where God might be calling me.

This morning I recognized that I'm feeling a prompting towards Mahatma Gandhi. Oh, Gandhi . . . I've heard about him all my life, and I know he's an amazing man. I quote him every now and again. I listened in James Lawson's class as he talked about Gandhi and the nonviolence movement. I read about him at the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. Ok . . . so Gandhi's a pretty cool dude, eh?

But I've never studied him. I've never dived into some of his writings. I've never even seen the 3-hour film of his life. For some reason, I feel very drawn to study more about the life, vision and practices of Gandhi right now. I'm excited about this urge, and I pray that God reveals to me what I'm supposed to learn from this amazing man who always stood on the righteous side of the indelible line between justice and oppression. I can hardly wait to share as I learn more.


Will said...

My friend, so stoked you are investigting one of my all time heroes. If you want a low-down on the man from a gospel perspective, you can't go past this book

God bless in your journey

- Will

Ciona said...

Sweet! I am adding it to my list . . . THanks, Will.