26 July 2009

Thirty and Thriving! ;)

I turned 30 yesterday, and it feels good! My friend Beth asked me last night (after my roller skating party, which was uber funtabulous!) what goals I have for the new year. I have several: organizing my room (which is not my forté, as you've read in previous entries), really nailing down a good eating plan (which I think will be easier once we move into the new house, and I can start gardening; more on the new house later) and working on poetry collections more. Specifically, I want to submit more poems to magazines and maybe submit a manuscript, too. This past year has been a slow poetry year for me with co-creating Pray With Africa and writing the book, so I'm itching to focus more on the poetry aspect of my craft this year.

But the biggest goal of the year will be promoting Like Breath and Water: Praying With Africa. It's gone to the presses, and we should get a proof back soon. I'm very excited about it and can't wait to share the stories with everyone. I hope they will be well received and will honor the lives of the people who so graciously shared their stories with me. And I want to really get the book out there. I mean, we're talking Oprah, friends! :) Any ideas you have for promoting it, please send them my way . . . it's all so new to me.

We received two endorsements that will be printed on the book. I'll leave you today with those:

"Like Breath and Water is an inspiring look at the reality of the African
continent, in both its beauty and tragedy.
This story is not only a challenge of our conceptions and apathy; but even
more so, it is a testament to the unbounded power of prayer.

-Jason Russell, Co-founder Invisible Children

"This book dances. It lets us taste the salt in the tears of Africa,
and lets us hear the children giggle. But it goes even deeper.
Like Breath and Water invites us to see these faces across the globe as our
own family. The reality of that should fill us with hope, for we have
much to learn from them. And it should keep us up at night, for we
are still a very dysfunctional Family.

-Shane Claiborne, author, activist, recovering sinner

Thanks to my friends for loving me through this book process! I appreciate you so much! And hugs to everyone who has blessed my life with their presence, their encouragement, their beauty and their love to me since 1979! 30 is a good year . . .


Anonymous said...

Ciona! Happy birthday, first off! Secondly, as soon as your book is ready for the public, let me know! I want to me among the first to own a copy! :)

MMS said...

I'm SOOOO excited about the book! The cover is gorgeous just like you. I am so honored to know you. Here's to 30 being the best yet! LOVE!

Lar said...

YAY! I join Mary in my excitement. Looking forward to being among the first to pre-order copies. :)
I am thrilled this new African narrative is being shared.

mary said...

HAPPY belated birthday!! Sorry I was too caught up in studying to notice that it passed and I hate that we never crossed paths at Fido this week.

We'll be coming a lot in the near future to see our baby new god daughter so we'll have to grab a coffee.

You make a very beautiful 30. I'm basically dreading it in December but I'm almost right there with you!

Will said...

Mate, let me know when the book is ready.. I'll push it hard here down under =)



Ciona said...

Thanks! I'll keep you all posted. It looks like Sept. 1 will be the release date. Yay!

I will certainly consider the book a success if it sells in New Zealand, Will, so thanks for the promotion. :)