20 February 2009

Friday Five

I never do the RevGalBlogPals group anymore because (1) I rarely blog regularly like they do, and (2) I don't know where my BlogPals links disappeared when I got a new background. But, thanks to the DogBlogger, I was reminded this morning to check out the Friday Five. I like it because it's all about how I would spend various breaks:

1. a 15 minute break . . . I would sit in front of the window sipping a cup of Earl Grey and staring at the steam and not out the window.
2. an afternoon off . . . I would have an artist date in a graveyard or in East Nashville, taking photographs.
3. an unexpected free day . . . I would sleep. Maybe all day. Or see if Kent wanted to hang out with me at the library. Unless this unexpected day was in the springtime; then I would spend most of it at Centennial Park hooping, writing poetry, napping, thanking God for my favorite season.
5. a sabbatical . . . I would go back to Africa for 6 months, collect more prayers and maybe feel more confident about this book I'm writing.

And while a break sounds lovely, I need to stop taking one right now and get back to writing this book o' mine!


DogBlogger said...

Glad you played today! Hope the book project moves right along.

Songbird said...

Ciona, all the best with the book! If you want to re-add the linky stuff, send me an email (revsongbird@gmail.com) and I will send instructions to you.