20 February 2009

Confession: This Cluttered Mess

My name is Ciona, and I am unorganized.

I have enormous amounts of clutter in my room. I'm too embarrassed to take a picture and show it to you. I desire to not be late for everything, but I don't have a strong allegiance to being on time. Does that make sense? Confession is step one.

Somehow I manage. I always have, but I don't think managing somehow is an ideal way to get through life. I buy every bin for better organization in my office, hoping that this will be the purchase that puts my life back together. I read about getting organized. I've even practiced the whole open mail when it arrives and put it away thing. I've practiced folding my clothes each time I take them off--even if I'm putting them in the hamper. I've even tried using my hamper. I set alarms sometimes to be on time, and I still arrive late. I purchased calendars from Covey. I'm not a cluttered mess, but I live in a cluttered mess. And I live in this mess not because I haven't tried so many little steps.

I suppose I confess here as a prayer request. I would be an unhappy person if I lived entirely by lists, calendars and watches and a quest for perfection. But I'm not entirely happy or well functioning living like this.

These are my confessions.


DogBlogger said...

Are you sure you aren't talking about me here? You're getting some empathy from my direction today.

emily grace said...

Oh, Ciona! This is me too. I can't see the surface of my desk, because it is currently covered in stuff. And I piled the entire contents of the floor of my room onto my bed thinking "there. I can't sleep on my bed until I do something about this mess." So I've been sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag for the last three nights.

I have this idea that getting rid of the amount of stuff I have will help me out a bit. We'll see how that goes.

You're not alone, but I do hope you can figure something out! Lists and calendars are definitely not the best way to live.

Ciona said...

Oh, Emily! I have done this same thing before. And I sleep on the couch when I do. Ai yi yi! Let me know about your getting rid of things and how that goes.

Sophia said...

Praying for you in this struggle, Ciona. Your blog is beautiful and I'm glad to get to know you through the RevGals Friday Five today!

marymstraits said...

Sounds like you need a new strategy since the organizational items don't work for you! I also would say that being "organized" doesn't have to entail calendars and lists--if you would prefer to have a neater bedroom, then you are not bound to keep a detailed calendar. I say think of what would make you feel at peace and develop your strategy from there.

Love you, friend!