16 October 2008


Doctors predict that my friend Will Boyd may be dying from heart failure as a result of his Lupus. But we still have hope and want to do all we can to help Will be well.

So my friend Erin has organized an event to get us hula-hooping for healing! Come join us at a Hoop-a-Thon for Will Boyd!

when: Friday, October 24

time: Registration and opening at 3:30
60-minute timed hooping 4:00-5:00

where: Gather at Belmont United Methodist Church in Hillsboro Village
2007 Acklen Avenue

Hooping at 4 pm will be in the field across the street on the corner of 21st and Magnolia.

who: YOU and all of your friends!!!

how: Pay an entry fee of $28 or get a sponsor to commit to pay per minute you hoop (sponsors may choose how much they are willing to give per minute)

why:If you ask Will Boyd to describe himself, he will say, “I am nothing but the work that God creates through me. I just try to love God and love people.” And he has certainly loved people well in many ways, including through his passion for his former work with Invisible Children the last few years. In the last year, he was diagnosed with pneumonia, which turned chronic in concert with lupus. Ten months later his lungs have suffered, his heart is failing, and his body continues to be attacked by the lupus plaguing his body. He has amassed $50,000 in medical debt. Now, the same bacteria that caused his pneumonia has created an ulcer in his stomach, keeping him in almost unbearable pain.

Will Boyd has inspired thousands and been a catalyst for social revolutions worldwide. He is blessed with countless friends and family across the globe that have become his light and kept his focus on God. And it is of no surprise that through it all, Will continues to unite us even now. We invite you to join Will, our ambassador of love, in his quest to show the world while we may not have all of the answers, we know Love Is One of them.

goal: $1000 for Will Boyd!

Hooprama hoops will be on sale at the event with all proceeds going towards Erin's fundraising efforts for Will Boyd! We will also have extra hoops if you don't have your own to bring!

Hope to see you hooping!

My friend Will is actually not dying. His illness is of a different kind, and he needs continued prayers and support that he will receive healing and hope with his bipolar disorder and all of the damage it does to Will and the people who love him.

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Falguni said...

I wish I could come. I have to work 'til 6 and then I have Simon & Amanda's wedding. I will keep Will in my prayers! Have fun pretty lady!