29 September 2008

Pray With Africa

My friend Will says, "My life is stupid!" when he thinks about how amazing and unbelievable some parts of his life seem. In Will's definition of "stupid," then, I must thank God for just how stupid my life is becoming.

In five weeks I'm going to Africa! I'll be there for six weeks, visiting six countries. I'm traveling the continent with my friends Cary and Austin, carrying our clothes, our camera and our pens and paper. We're collecting prayers of the people in each of the countries we're visiting and then bringing these prayers back to the United States, encouraging the world to stop praying for the people of Africa and, instead, join the the prayers they are already praying.

six beautiful countries
meeting hundreds of beautiful people
listening to hundreds of amazing prayers
for six amazing weeks

Yes, my life is stupid!

Here's our Pray With Africa video (featuring music by none other than k.s. Rhoads):

Pray With Africa

As I prepare for this journey--this pilgrimage of sorts--I invite you to pray with me.


Kami Rice said...

Greetings from London! Great video! So excited about this! And praying!

Falguni said...

I'm praying for yall! So, so, so excited for you! I will definitely take my "Pray With Africa" picture and get it to you soon!