13 July 2008

10 Days

The past ten days of my life have been a magical, mystical delight. I've been covered in the Holy Spirit. I've spent my days with people who believe in the joy of a purple tree and the hope of radically changing the world. We've had epic conversations until the moonlight nearly turned to sunrise. We've been inspired by each other over green tea and sushi. We've lied on blankets under a starry ceiling listening to beautiful people creating beautiful music. I've been moved by stories of Congolese boys and their falling whistles. I've been touched by talking with some high school-aged pilgrims, exploring the way. We spun in circles, dancing with 5-year-old Selby to music that expressed God's greatness. I've hooped with children whose names I don't know but whose smiles have found a home in my memory. I've inhaled God's glory and felt grace in my lungs.

May I breathe like this forever, Lord?

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Anonymous said...

May she breathe like this forever, Lord? Amen.