01 May 2008

Images of God . . .

So the General Commission on Religion and Race for The United Methodist Church sponsored an exhibit about race and gender in the denomination. It is a fascinating exhibit, and I'm glad the commission had it as an offering at General Conference. The exhibit ends with the Human Race Machine, a computer imaging machine that morphs your face to show what you might look like if you were a different ethnicity. I morphed myself, so check out "me" in 5 different hues (sorry for the cell phone quality photographs; I don't have a digital camera).

I've discovered that it's far more lovely to think about their similarities than their differences . . .

White "Ciona"

Hispanic/Latino "Ciona"

Indian "Ciona"

Middle Eastern "Ciona"

Asian "Ciona"

Could it be how God looks at us? All of us images of one Creator who sees us and is far more obsessed with what makes us one than what makes us different . . .

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful in all images but perhaps as lovely as you are, your true beauty radiates from within.
Wish that were true for all of us.

Love reading your writings! Lovely like you!