02 August 2007

Hoop Gal!

I began hooping Tuesday! It's fabulous! Just me, the music and a hoop spinning around me . . . well, and an instructor and about 10 other people who are taking the class with me.

Yes, I'm reverting back to days of childhood when I was a kid playing with my hula hoop! And I adore it! I'm taking classes at Hooprama under the instruction of hoop dancer Sunny Becks! She's amazing. She hooped through most of her pregnancy, and I saw her perform just about a week after having her baby. Amazing!

So it was possibly the most fun I've had working out for an hour. And I could have hooped for even longer than that. It's an amazing workout, and I recommend it. If you're in Nashville, register quickly! I joined after my friend Kara kept talking about maybe taking the class. I was hoping to get a renewed exercise routine that may help me with my dance moves. I think I may be able to even incorporate it into my bellydance, actually. The moves are not the same, but there are some similarities. And I believe I can fuse the hands of Middle Eastern dance into the hoop dance. I don't know. I'm thinking far ahead of myself. For now, I will work on keeping the hoop on my body.

I purchased a hoop yesterday and will get it Saturday (these aren't your average hula hoops you can purchase at Target; they are large and weighted for a strong workout). So if after Friday you see someone with a dual-tone green hoop spinning around her body in Centennial Park or at the crossroads of Wedgewood and Music Row, it's just me trying to keep the hoop going. Honks and waves from my friends are welcome!


Allison said...

Hi! I found your blog through Maughry's...hope you don't mind. Love the Emily Dickinson title, btw.

I go to Curves and they have these hoops that some people use as part of their workout and I always say I can't because I'm such a klutz, but I might try it next time. My question is--- does it really give you a better workout?

Ciona said...

YES!!! My hoop teacher stayed in shape pre-pregnancy only by hooping--she hates all other workouts. Now that she's had her third child (and looks amazing, btw), she shared this morning that she was able to squeeze back into a pair of jeans for the first time in a few months. She's done nothing except hoop three days a week for the past month. My friends are fitting into clothes they have not worn in years. It's a great workout. She has a blog: http://www.hooprama.com/blog.html

Beyond the great workout, though, it's SO fun! Abandon your klutzy thoughts just to be a kid again!

Blue Eyed Confusion said...

thats really interesting. didn't know they had classes for hula hoooping... hope you are well...
-Kat joseph