03 May 2007

Mother Earth wants YOU . . . to Vote for Trees!

Celebrate Arbor Day (belatedly, that is) and visit
VoteForTrees.com! For every vote they receive, the
e-mail marketing company Emma will donate a tree seedling (up to 5,000) between now and Memorial Day! They have nearly reached their goal already, so hurry to cast your vote!

Best of all . . . with trees you don't have to worry
about them creating tacky television smear campaigns,
kissing babies on their foreheads or reneging on
their campaign promises. They just grow, provide
shade, paint the landscape in Fall & Spring and
basically give back to the world 100-fold (sometimes
even giving seasonal attacks--often called pollen--but
they mean no harm).

So Vote for Trees today! Your Globe will be grateful!


Suzanne said...

Hi Ciona,

I just wanted to send you a quick note on behalf of trees - and Emma - for mentioning our site. It's awfully nice of you to feature our little site, and we really enjoyed reading your stuff, too. Thanks to folks like you, we reached our goal of 5,000 trees and we're planning to aim to do more next year. Thanks again for the mention, and all the best to you!

Madame Rubies said...

Yay! I voted for trees. That is the only vote I have ever felt so confident and happy about. Trees should run for president.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea and EMMA is a fantastic organization! God bless them! I love trees!