23 August 2006

Hanging Out: The Clothesline

So apparently clothesline is hard to find in Brentwood, Tenn. I confess that maybe I didn't put as much energy into the search as I could, but the stores I checked were without clothesline options.

Thus introducing my makeshift clothesline. Until I am able to get a real clothesline, this will do. And I happen to think that as makeshift as she is, she's a pretty darn cute clothesline! I'm excited!

According to the website for An Inconvenient Truth, "You can save 700 pounds of carbon dioxide when you air dry your clothes for 6 months out of the year."

Unfortunately, some communities ban clothing lines for aesthetic purposes. But I think they're fun! And they save money, preserve your clothes (all the lint in the dryer has to come from somewhere), and save the environment. Why not take in the free gift of the sun and hang out most of the year?!?

To learn more about clotheslines, visit the following sites:
The Clothesline Shop
Project Laundry List


Kami Rice said...

Yah for the clothesline!! It is cute! I'll have to borrow it sometime soon.

Nice to see you back in blogging action!

MonkeyDude said...

So strange to read articles about some communities banning clotheslines... as someone who has grown up in two countries where almost every household has a clothesline and uses them all the time, its weird to read about them as being 'novel' to some communities. =) Here's hoping the clothesline revolution gains momentum!

Tips and tricks: Hanging your clothes outside is a great opportunity to get fresh air and chat to a friend or housemate

MonkeyDude said...

ps, this is Will

Ciona said...

Haha! I assumed you'd be the only MonkeyDude in my life who has lived in two countries. :)

My grandmother always had a clothesline and so did her neighbor. I have great memories of summers with her and yanking clothes from the line. But clotheslines are, indeed, such a novelty here in the States. We go for easy over sustainability all the time . . .