21 December 2005

For Peace: A Prayer

For the families who wonder when their soldiers--mommies, daddies, sons, daughters, and lovers--will return home
For our leaders whose decisions give them power to be war-filled or peaceful
For those who do not watch bombings on television but see them live in their own land
For the many brave soldiers and the many frightened citizens whose breath is no more
Lord, have mercy
For the times I neglected to pray for peace
For the times I turned deaf ears to genocide and war
For the times I choose the ease of ridicule instead of accountability for our nation’s leaders
Lord, have mercy
For my silence
For our folly
For humanity's self-inflicted lacerations
Lord, have mercy


Mike said...

YOU'RE IN SPRINGVILLE??? You're like 15 miles away from me. If you get this e-mail, give me a call. You can find my work number at www.fumctrussville.com

Paul said...

thanks for your prayer...

if you haven't read it, then let me suggest you get a copy of mark twain's "the war prayer." it could have easily been written about mainstream evangelical american christians' enthusiasm over the war in iraq