08 November 2005

My Sweet Friend, Autumn

I've been smitten by fall this year.

This is new to me. Typically by August, I'm dreading the coming months and their "na-na, na-na, boo, boos" taunting me because spring is too far away.

But this year fall is whispering secrets to me about life, love and God, and I can't help but smile at every tangerine, apple and banana colored tree I pass.

Saturday when I was taking photographs of fall, I had to stop and capture shots of a tiny red flame tree on Barton Avenue. Before long, I was lying in the tree owner's yard snapping shots and enjoying its beauty. Then I heard a voice say, "Hello?!?!" It was Tree Owner in her pajamas. "Oh, shit!" I thought as I jumped to standing. "I'm going to get arrested!" But she smiled when I waved to her and said, "We love that tree! Thanks for taking pictures of it!" So sweet. I met a neighbor through fall.

Today I watched a little girl play with her mommy in their front yard. As Mommy dropped leaves onto Toddler, Toddler giggle-squealed, throwing hands into the air and kicking feet as if the thrill was akin to riding a roller coaster. I witnessed play today through fall.

And I created my own play today. Driving on Halcyon Street where the brightness of Autumn lines the road, I noticed the incredible beauty of leaves flying in the air whenever cars passed. So every opportunity I have in my car to create a colorful leaf whirlwind, I swiftly drive close to the leaves and watch them fly in my rear view mirror. Gorgeous!

I pledge my allegiance to the spring. Autumn, however, you're becoming a sweet friend!


Gwynefere said...

Welcome to the Autumn lover's world Ciona! October and November are my favorite times of year. There's nothing more beautiful than the leaves of a Sugar Maple sprinkled on the cool earth enticing you to play!

Heather said...

My friend just named her new daughter Autumn.

K. said...

You can see why this is my favorite time of year!!

see-through faith said...

lovely post.

I'm a spring lover myself, but this year autumn was spectacular here in Finland