01 November 2005

All the Saints . . .


From Sacred Space website:

They are not the saints with haloes and floating bodies, but rather those who suffered and survived, who tried and sometimes failed, as Paddy Kavanagh wrote:

To be a poet and not know the trade,
To be a lover and repel all women;
Twin ironies by which great saints are made,
The agonising pincer-jaws of Heaven.

Feast with the saints in your story today!

*Photo of Warsaw, Poland's All Saint's Day.


Heather said...

All Saints Day. A man in our church was killed by an accident yesterday and a friend earlier this week. Really brings the day home.

Ciona said...

Sorry Heather. Deaths around this time do emphasize the day.

My friend Teri died this week two years ago. All Saints Day comes to life in a different way for me now. She is someone who suffered and survived beautifully, dancing through life with compassion in her heart and so much pain in her body. Now she rests peacefully with the other saints and souls.

Liz said...

Ciona - I didn't realize the anniversary of Teri's death was today. I can't believe we have been without her for two years now. She was a beautiful lady that I am honored to remember today.

Ciona said...

Actually Nov. 3--Thursday--is the 2-year anniversary of Teri's death. And it is hard to imagine two years without her. Can't go through this season without thinking of her lots.

St.Phransus said...

your post is the last one that i'm reading tonight and it's nice to end the evening with such a beautiful litany.

thanks ciona.