13 October 2005

Musical Olympics 2005

Thank you, dear Lane, for passing the musical baton. I considered blogging about abortion to add to my long rant on the Wesley blog about a subject on which I know I don't hold the answers. So it is a relief to answer questions that I do know . . . because they are all about ME and MY music (future blog to come about the shift from music as a societal solidarity to music as personal soundtrack). So thanks for freeing me to a lighter blog entry, Lane.

Amount of Music on Your Computer

My iTunes has 2.28 GB on it. Many CDs were stolen from my car several months ago. :( And I just got lazy and stopped loading some CDs.

Currently Listening To

Susan Tedeschi on iTunes music store. I've been checking out her stuff today, but I've not purchased anything yet.

Five Songs That Mean a Lot to You

"Another Day"--RENT Original Broadway Recording
"A Message"--Coldplay
"Is This Love"--Bob Marley
"Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing"--Robert Robinson, lyricist
"Tiny Dancer"--Elton John
(only five???)

Top Five Albums

Oh my, oh my . . .

Michael Jackson, Thriller - Dirty, strange man? Probably. Questionable ethics? Certainly. Radio pop music that doesn't really make much sense? Yes. But really . . . who doesn't like this album? Could there be anyone who just hates this album? And why would you? It is the '80s and it's classic!

Bob Marley, Legend - I can't complain about a musician with a passion to tell his story, share his thoughts and play his music. This album captures some of his greatest! And I love Jamaica, and Jamaica loves Marley.

Damien Rice, O - The first time I played this album it captured me at it's very first chord and held me there until the bonus/hidden track came to an end? I could not escape the album. And I could not play with the tracks that first time . . . I wanted the entire story Damien Rice's world in one sitting. That marks a good album for me.

Lauryn Hill, Miseducation of Lauryn Hill - This album was refreshing during my freshman year. It was lyrical/poetic hip-hop that was seemingly more honest and artist-revealing than most radio hits. Also one I can still listen to from start-to-finish.

Tracy Chapman, Tracy Chapman - "Talkin' Bout a Revolution," "Baby, Can I Hold You," "Behind the Wall," "Fast Car!" All great songs! Strong, haunting voice. This album reminds me of both some years of childhood (released in '88) and one of my favorite college professors (Dr. Elliott!!!).

And, of course, I have to mention others who don't fit in the limited number . . . John Mayer is brilliant--Heavier Things. Big fan of Jennifer Knapp's Kansas. Ooo . . . And I really dig John Legend's Get Lifted. And I think all Coldplay albums are itching their way to the top to dethrone Mike, Marley, Rice, Lauryn or Chapman . . . the battle for my favorite spot!!!

Last Album Bought
RENT, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (purchased Wednesday from Tower Records)

Recent Discoveries?
New to me: King Britt

I'd pass it to Bill if he ever read my blog or blogged himself anymore. So, alas, I'll toss it to some music lovers I know:
Mary D.,
Gini, and


the reverend mommy said...

I would like to invite you to join RevGalBlogPals -- go to revgalblogpals.blogspot.com and on the sidebar, hit the "join" link.

Gwynefere said...

Awesome post on the Wesley blog my friend. Just had to tell you. Smiles ;o)

Mike said...

You know -- no one has mentioned the Junaluska singers in this game so far...

Things are really heated at wesleyblog. I'm starting to realize that the UMC has always been bitterly divided (yet "united"), it's just that our communications have improved and we're seeing the consequences mainly in the blogosphere and in renewal groups websites...

Stephanie said...

Hey Ciona,

I went to the Wesley Blog and read the abortion thing.

What are you thoughts about it?


LARouse said...

I gotcha. Give me a few days, I have been thinking about it since the day you posted it.