06 September 2005

Going to Louisiana . . .

Well, I don't know what the next few days will be like. I'm hoping to have a chance to e-mail/blog/be in touch with friends and family. I am headed to Louisiana tomorrow morning at 7 am!! Please pray (first of all) that I make the flight. :) Of course, as you continue praying for the situation down there, I ask for prayers for our delegation of four United Methodists who will be in Louisiana and Mississippi the next few days. I hope that we can serve and hear the stories of people there. I hope I am equipped to tell the stories faithfully. I hope, also, that we are prepared for what we will see when we get to these places. So we welcome any and all prayers.


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Kara said...

Ciona -

I'm so glad you will be there. Thanks for your willingness to serve, be vulnerable and keep us all informed!