19 May 2005

250 Words About . . . ok, there aren't 250 Words

I've been busy lately working on an assignment, starting a new one and getting ready for South Africa. And maybe I watched a season finale or two on television (shhh . . .). So I don't have many extra words to toss into the blog world. Here is a quotation I appreciate, though:

"We are pencils in the hand of a writing God, who is sending love letters to the world." ~Mother Teresa

What kind of love letter is God writing with your life?


Kami Rice said...

Nice quote. Thanks for sharing it. :-)

Anoop said...

South Africa is a beautiful place. And if you can take some time off for yourself do try to visit the Kruger/Serengeti national parks and Mount Kilimanjaro. Ofcourse they are in Tanzania and bordering Tanzania on the north.