27 April 2005

Six Flags over Jesus! Hallelujah!

Ok . . . my sister Lanecia brought this to my attention: a British businesswoman is working to bring the Bible alive through an amusement park called Ark Alive.

Hmmm . . . ok.

Tired of the humdrum of unholy, heathen amusement parks? Visit Ark Alive--where the children of God have fun two-by-two!

Missing that mountaintop camp high? Ride "Thunder Mountain"--where God miraculously delivers the tablets of commandments right as the coaster hits the peak!

Wrestling with the book of Revelations? Visit "Tommorowland" to be in the midst of the exciting day of reckoning!

Walk through the biblical lists of lineage on "It's a Small World After All" and discover just how many degrees Jesus is separated from King David.

Don't look for the living among the dead . . . visit Jesus at "Resurrection House!" He may even sign your Christ-keteer crown of thorns, too! (Morning communion with Jesus is available if you stay at the Upper Room Hotel and Resort for an additional small fee. Other characters such as Andrew, Peter, James and John sometimes attend these meals, too. This is an Ark Alive exclusive!)

Ok, ok, I'll stop! But what do you think? Evangelism tool or more Christian capitalism?


LARouse said...

Awesome reflection Ciona! I am going to check out those sites. Right now the verdict is still out on the answer to that question. The few people I talk to in my area, do no believe that it is going to appeal to the people in Yorkshire. Someone even said, "That might work in the Bible Belt South, but it will not work in Yorkshire, England."

Hmm . . .

Here heart is in the right place and her motivation is her desire for young children to learn the stories of the Bible. So . . .

My journey here has constantly reminded me that it is very easy for the Church to ignore the fact that the Gospel is for the poor and the rich . . . the have nots and the haves.
I wondered if this is another sign of our forgetfulness (specifically the Methodist Church, because of our roots).?.

Gwynefere said...

Well someone in the states already beat her to it. It took some digging but I knew there was a holy land them park around Orlando called, well, Holy Land. Surprise! Check it out- http://www.orlandotouristinformationbureau.com/attractions/holyland.htm.

Gwynefere said...

Honestly Ciona, "Christ-keteer crown of thorns"?! You're killing me! Fantastic!