06 February 2005

Mac and the Big Apple . . .

It's amazing how love sideswipes you.

Here I am, content and happy to just appreciate life, and then love enters my life.

It started in September. September 1 around 2 pm, to be exact. Right before my eyes . . . and immediately I felt an attraction. I was not sure if I could afford to take the dive. I mean, I have no space in my life for anything new. But the attraction was strong.

I was captured, fascinated, intrigued . . .

So I clicked purchase and anxiously awaited for the FedEx man to bring the sexy little green iPod mini to my door. And it came, bearing on its heart that it was the soundtrack of my life--ready to hold the tunes impacting my life. Apple was certainly flirting with me.

And I fell for every line. So here am I now in Panera using their WI-FI free wireless connection to access my blog on my brand new Apple iBook G4. Headphones in ears, I bob my head to the soulful, sexy and sincere tunes of John Legend singing from my iPod. I have now become an Apple Girl! And though I swore to take a hiatus from love, I believe I'm falling right now.

It's fun to enter a new realm, one I've avoided for a while. And it just feels comfortable. People and their chatter surround me. But their stories are muffled by the sweet sound of "Stay with You" in my ear.

I tell you, wireless internet is quite brilliant. And addictive. I've never been so in awe of a piece of equipment as I am right now with my iBook and its many capabilities without a single cord. Brilliant. So begins my writing career . . .

I look forward to this next phase in life. I have many plans I know. And they change so often. The latest plan, though, is to seek part-time employment at a coroporate coffeehouse conglomerate whose name I will not mention. Green was my color for winter, so I think it will be a good fit. And I'll see what God does with my writing for a little while. Yesterday my friend Brandon told me about a fellowship program at NYU, so I checked it out online last night. It's an amazing program working with young students in creative writing while getting a masters of fine arts at this great university. Galway Kinnel is one of the permanent professors there in poetry, too. Maybe New York will be my next home . . . I will have to look into the program. Could it be that in my life I'll fall in love with two apples?

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