24 January 2005

Spam, spam, spam, spam . . .

No, I do not want two blue pills to save my love life. I do not want a new car. I'm not low on ink. I do not need any tax tips or mortgage lenders. Too late on the free iPod (though I could use an iMac). I will not refinance the home I do not even own. I have no desire to get an OVERNIGHT Advance of up to 500 Bucks (but try me again after Feb. 15)!!

I just want spam, spyware and pop-ups to go away!! But I dare not click those messages saying "Your computer has spyware. Click here to clean your computer." They are simply the devil. My name is Ciona, and I hate the devil.

WHY do spammers think that we pay any attention to this junk? WHO wastes half of their lives creating and maintaining spam and spyware? WHO are these people, and why don't they spend time with family? Or watch the news and choose to spend time doing more meaningful things (like blogging, of course) that can change the ills of the world? WHY do they choose, instead, to invade my computer? I need to have a conversation with these people:

Dear Spam/Spyware/Pop-ups People, nobody pays attention to anything you do! Nobody clicks your links! If you were any good at your job and really wanted me to pay attention to your message, you would have more pride in your work . . . do more research. And you would opt to send me the message saying "Can't seem to get away from your ex-boyfriend of three years whose music you can hear through the walls of the apartment next door he conveniently moved into only half a year ago--long after the split but still too close to avoid more wounds? Click here for eviction."

I might actually give that message a second glance.


Kami Rice said...

Well said. Mega dittos (or however you spell that word). :-) Down with spam!!!

Girl said...

Wow...this is excellent. I am impressed.