04 December 2004

Like a Virgin . . .

. . . blogged for the very first time . . . Welcome to my first blog! We'll start with a little about myself.

I’ve stopped cursing at the alarm in the mornings, but I do still groan. And it takes me at least 30 minutes to actually convince my legs to relinquish the covers, put on flip-flops and make the bathroom journey.

I admire timeliness, cleanliness, organization, planning and people who warm their cars in the winter before forcing them to hit the road while they are still sleepy. Unfortunately, I have only one of those admirable traits. What can I say? My car deserves its morning 30 minutes, too.

I am that girl laughing outrageously in her car while listening to radio personalities make really bad jokes on 107.5 The River. I am that girl who goes to the ticket counter at 6:35 for her 6:40 flight, daring the airline employee to insinuate that I will miss the flight. My airport running legs should not be second-guessed. I am that girl who enjoys her job but who mostly works to have traveling money.

I am that girl sometimes banned from family conversations for correcting their grammar in the midst of heated debates. This makes my friends nervous to e-mail me, lest their blaring mistakes overrule the heart of what they’re saying. I don’t do this at all, however. I critique only my family (okay . . . and my co-worker Bill sometimes, but he likes it). Besides, I am not the King’s English Queen; I have my fair share of mistakes, and I count on my family to help me, too.

I am that 25-year-old woman who reverts to a 13-year-old schoolgirl when she sees a celebrity. I am that girl with commitment issues: I gave up the violin after one year, the flute after one month and the piano after one week (well . . . maybe two). Somehow I’ve managed not to give up on God. Or maybe it’s more that God just won’t give up on me. In this case, I’m extremely grateful to be "that girl. "


LARouse said...

I must say, you are one awesome girl and I am glad that you gave into the fever. Look forward to listening to your rantings...hopefully commitment (one "t") will not be a hinderance. :) Love you!

Anonymous said...

You seem to know you pretty well. Most of us go a lifetime and never know who we are. You are well ahead of the game. And the commitment thing...well...perhaps your last statement is the real indicator of your true commitment---GOD! The rest will work its way out! Thanks for sharing! Funny stuff! So real!