14 February 2006

I Saw Love Sunday at Centennial Park

I celebrate love when I see it—
an old friend I recognize sometimes
with patterns still familiar:
It circles the heart,
racing like a two-year-old
chasing his older sister
with tiny strides, occasional falls
and always smiles.
It sings in the soul
like the Music City musicians
sharing songs on the Parthenon steps.
It flies like the kite
swimming smoothly in the sky
then flapping his wings
like a mating mockingbird.
And when it giggles, love
closely resembles the
girl in the pink coat
petting the dog of a kind stranger.
It captures like the shot
taken by a photographer
so moved by the mother
clumsily tossing pigskin joy to her son
he wants the moment stilled.
I sit to celebrate, and the wind
shuts these poet eyes,
tells my hair strands to return
the waves of grass blades,
curls the corners of my mouth, and
whispers distractions which
make my memory forget:

Love, I don’t know you anymore.


Mary said...

Living within walking distance of centennial park is one of the BIGGEST thing I miss about Nashville. I LOVED being able to go running there and walk the puppies there. You are such a great writer!
ps (lane and I are coming up at the end of this week..we should graba cup of coffee if you aren't busy)

Heather said...

Love this.

dawn said...

Wow Ciona, this is beautifully written. Thank you for sharing it.

Gini Probin said...

you and love will be close friends again, i'm sure :)

Mary said...

Ciona! It sucks that we didn't get to see you this past weekend. I think it mostly has to do with having your number on EMAIL and not on our phones...we are retarded! We may be coming up in a couple of weeks to transport lyle back to school after his spring break. I need to get your email addy from Lane. I am more organized than he is.
How awesome was the SNOW on Sat!

Gini Probin said...

saw your myspace site...lovely! you truly are a beautiful woman. hope all is well!